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Looking after your Ducks

Ducks are becoming quite a popular addition to gardens now a days because they pretty versatile. They lay amazing eggs, eat most kitchen scraps, consume garden pests and are generally good pets. They have a high immunity to most diseases and don't require much looking after, especially when you choose to PetzPodz as their home!

How many should I keep?

Ducks are very social and should really be kept in at least pairs or they could get lonely and depressed! You can keep just females or just males. However if you want to keep both you should only have one male to every 3-5 females as during the breeding season the male will be very active and a sole female could experience health issues.

Like a duck to water!

Ducks would love access to running water such as a stream, river or pond. However, if this isn't possible then you can provide them with a paddling pool. This should be deep enough for them to submerge themselves and wide enough so that they can exercise. You will need to replace or refresh the water once every 10 days or so. A still pond would not be ideal, however if you have a koi pond with filter system they will share with your fish happily! It is worth covering the area under and around the pond with shingle or gravel so that they don't make the area messy or muddy.

What size garden do I need?

For a couple of small ducks, 25ft x 25ft and for a couple of larger ducks you should have at least 38ft x 38ft.

Will they make a lot of noise?

Ducks don't quack all the time but will be vocal if something surprises or upsets them. Generally though they talk to one another throughout the day. The amount of noise a duck makes depends on the breeds- well worth researching before you make your decision!

Daily routine for your Duckz...

Open you PetzPodz door and Collect your eggs! Regular collection will help prevent any damage to the eggs and discourage your ducks from getting broody. If you choose to let your duckz out of the no chance run, then it is best to keep a watchful eye on them as cunning Mr Fox can pop up anytime, not to mention any other pets which might take an unhealthy interest in them, cat's dogs etc.

Make sure the feeder and drinker are regularly checked and topped up. If it is pretty close to freezing outside make sure that the water is not frozen, or your ducks will not have anything to drink!

Yum yum foraging time!

Duck bills are perfect for allowing them to forage for worms, seeds, grains, grass shoots, insects, snails, slugs and aquatic invertebrates. If you look closely, you will notice on a duck's bill, an uneven edge. This not only allows it to grip food more securely, but it also draws tiny plants and animals from water or mud. Orchards are a great location for ducks, as are pastures! In a garden they should be kept out of areas such as vegetable patches and bedding areas with young tender plants.

What's the best way to round up my Duckz?

Just like with any other pet, it's down to familiarity which effects how easy or hard it will be to catch them. If you have a good relationship with your duck then a bit of food or treat will probably do the trick. If not, try to avoid chasing your duck around by walking it into a corner before trying to pick it up, as this can be stressful on you and the duck!

Ducks have more fragile feet and legs than chickens so the best way to get hold of a duck is either at the base of the neck or from above with a hand over each wing. Once you have your duck (from above), place them into a position so that you can carry it whilst supporting its body. Use one hand to support it from underneath by putting your index finger between its legs and securing the legs with your thumb and forefinger. Not only will this make your duck comfy it will also help to stop them peddling their legs and feet from scratching your hands.


PetzPodz has simplified this, after all we all want to spend less time clearing up and more time enjoying your duckz!

All you need to do is with some gardening or rubber gloves remove the hay and with a hose wash down your petzpodz and then close again! It's that eazy! Alternatively the droppings and straw/hay can be put straight your compost bin and will produce excellent compost.

It's very eazy to move your PetzPodz onto to a new area of grass. This will prevent one area of your lawn being over-used and also keep your duckz happier too!

Empty their bathing water at least twice a week, drinking water should be topped up every day during warmer weather. Make sure that the straw, hay or shavings in the nesting box are clean and fresh.

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