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Naturally inspired to be instinctively chosen…

It was 2011 when this big ball of puppy fluff named Paddy came into our lives, it had been a few years since we had kept a dog, but felt our knowledge was sufficient enough to introduce him without doing hours of research or puppy classes, and how wrong we were!.. Like many families our confidence outweighed the knowledge and as a result our home went under excited puppy attack and we were kept awake with night crying and fidgeting in his wire crate, making it perfectly clear he was anxious & didn’t want to be there at all!

From this we knew that something had to be done to help improve new puppy home inductions, as we felt our knowledge was better than most it was alarming to think people were unknowingly putting their new family members through and even this reality that due to these initial teething problems disrupting the home, many puppies were being given up to rescues within the first few days!!

Over the years as a family we have been lucky enough to have enjoyed the companionship of many pets in all shapes and sizes, young to old, from good and bad homes.

We recognised that not only was every puppy and dog completely different, but they were also pretty much the same in terms of wants and needs, although this extends much further than food, water and exercise!

As many of us are aware, Dogs share many similarities with Wolves – their behaviour & needs being very similar, particularly for primal instincts such as selecting a suitable place of safety, to rest or / and to bear young. We wanted to explore further into this instinctual selection process and based on scientific studies by experts in wolf and canine behaviour we had the info we needed for us to begin replicating this unique space which will benefit your dog and you, for life.

And we want to be there for every one of our customers for this life also, as we feel they are so well built that’s how long they are likely you last you if taken care of!, we specially designed our “clever clips” to break away without ever doing the podz any damage, they are pretty robust but if you ever need any more then give us a shout they are free for life! … Or just to let us know how your newest family member is doing we have always got time for our family of Podderz and their Petz!

The Roberts Family