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Zoe + Gracie

Thanks once again for our prize. As you can see, it's absolutely been met with Gracie' s approval.
Gracie's loving it - Zoe.



I really appreciate you looking at this for me and discussing further. Yes we still wish to secure him in the cage locked at night, he is currently 9 months old.

He does love the pod and it is his safe place when it all gets a bit hectic here with two boys and a baby!

Thanks again




I hope you and family are all well - attached a pic for you of Billy this evening in his pod fast asleep - I can't believe he will be 2 in a couple of weeks!



Here is Grimnir (one of our two Alaskan Malamutes) in one of the PetPodz!



Yes all 4 Podz owners are ours – Gizmo, Rusty , Scruffy & Scrappy as attached,
2 of them refuse to come in at night as they would prefer to sleep in their Podz!



Gizmo, Rusty, Scruffy & Scrappy didn't all want to sit in their Podz at the same time for a photo!



Gizmo in his green pod in Northern Ireland



I ordered our lovely Pod Sunday evening and it came Wednesday. Wow!
Nancy went straight in and settled down as if to say, "I always sleep in here. It's mine - all mine"!



Compared to a straight cage the Pod is streets ahead in our opinion. Our PetPod has been success and even though Beti like to have at least three other choices of daytime bedding she always goes back to the Pod at night. The Pod training started early with an enclosure until she was house trained, this means the Pod has been her bed from eight weeks old. The few times she has been poorly she always goes to the Pod.



Aww that's lovely thank you for saying Daisy is more gorgeous as she as she grows into adulthood, we think she's gorgeous but we're slightly biased!



Lola, Neo and Tilly's new large blue PetzBedz - but I'm afraid only one of the Shibas wanted to pose so the foster dog got in instead! Thank you so much for the beautiful bed!!!



Bourbon and Paisley 2 gorgeous working Cocker girls.
" Thank you SO much we love them."



"Mamma Duck has claimed this PetPodz as hers and now has her own little family. At night Mr Duck and her two sisters use the run to sleep. It is easy to clean out and with the run attached know they're safe from any predators."



'We Absolutely love the PetzPodz and so does Barnaby! We've got peace of mind knowing he cant dig his way out and nothing can get to him! ????'



Hi Jo, just to say thank you very much for Archie's pod. He loves it. Slept two nights in it and at just 8 weeks that is quite something. Attached a photo of him right now asleep. Your Petzpodz are fantastic. Also thanks for welcome pack. Deborah, Calum and Archie ????



Thanks Jo - super service, perfect pod.
Our pup was already used to sharing a pod with her siblings so it seemed only fair to get one for her to have in her new home with us. As you can see, she's only a titch at the moment but is very much at home in it. She enjoys her beauty sleep from 10pm to 5.30am - a pup as snug as a bug in a pod!


Carole kitchener

Hi .
Just wanted to write a review on the hen podz . This is the 2nd podz I have bought and just can't recommend it enough .
It' looks great its easy to clean and maintenance free
It comes in great choice of colours and very easy to put together .
Although it's not cheap I feel it's good value for money and you get it's good quality and well made .
Carole kitchener



As promised, here is Miss Ebony Rose in her Pod, which I must say she took to like a duck to water (No Primula necessary:). She was straight in. She knows a palatial property when she sees it.
We are blown away with this product and think not only is it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It's also a great safe environment for my beautiful little Pug to retreat to anytime she feels like doing so. I love the range of colours available too.



The bed has arrived & we love it!
As you can see, mama dog has claimed it to take a break from her babies!
Thank you so much for all the trouble you've gone to, I really do appreciate it.


Ted the AKK's Dad !

So, the pod itself is great, very good quality, well engineered and everything it's promised to be. The only thing I might suggest, but time will tell, is whether the mesh door should be a slighter thicker gauge wire.You already know it's a good product, so there's not much I can tell you, if anything at all but yes, so far we are very happy and hope Ted will be too.


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